Saturday, November 10, 2012

Frostie root beer

Background information: (from the website) "Frostie Old Fashioned Root Beer was first bottled in 1939 in Catonsville, Maryland near Baltimore.  George Rackensperger, then president of The Frostie Company rented an abandoned jailhouse to launch his Frostie operation.  A garage formerly housing the police wagon was used for bottling equipment and jail cells were employed to store sugar, crowns and other supplies."

(from the bottle) "Orca Beverage Soda Works - manufacturer of nostalgic and gourmet glass bottle sodas.  See our authentic 50's style plant at"

Product details: 12 fl. oz.  Produced under the authority of Leading Edge Brands, Temple, TX 76504.  160 calories, 40g sugar.  Glass bottle with twist off top. and

Ingredients: Carbonated water, pure cane sugar, caramel color, sodium benzoate (a preservative), citric acid, natural and artificial flavors.

My thoughts: With a name like "Frostie" and a Santa Claus-like bearded man adorning the label, I expect something that reminds me of the holidays; the smell and taste of spices and herbs; the sweet smell of baking treats; a new pack of underwear from Aunt Deanna.  Sadly, the snow (which also graces the label) better reflects this disappointing brew, which left me cold (emotionally as well as physically).  Maybe I was just naughty this year, so Santa delivered me a root beerish lump of coal.  The initial root beer flavor is strong, but artificial; sort of like "root beer barrel" candy.  Not a good thing.  The aftertaste is more of the same, with a sugary, candy-like taste that drops off fairly rapidly but leaves the sugar coating behind.  The carbonation is interesting, as it doesn't seem to bubble so much on my tongue as it does against the roof of my mouth.  A very peculiar sensation that I've yet to encounter in another root beer and my favorite aspect of this root beer (though that isn't too difficult of a feat, as the bar has been set pretty low).  Unfortunately, since the bubbles don't make themselves known on my tongue, I get an impression that the drink is slightly flatter than it should be.  I gotta make sure I get on Santa's good list so that he doesn't leave any of this bummer of a soda in my stocking this year.

Rating: D
flavor: D
aftertaste: D-
sweetness: C-
smoothness: C
carbonation: C

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